Washable Diaper Liners 10-pack

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers


Our microfleece liners are a must have for "catching" toddler poop! Especially the sticky peanut butter kind that just won't come off - yuck. Swirl the used liner a few times in the toilet after a diaper change, pop it off, or spray it off, and then wash it with the rest of your diaper laundry. We think you will be amazed by how clean your diaper is after a poop, with little effort!

Our liners can also be used as a barrier when you are forced to use a diaper cream that is not safe for your cloth diapers. Just place one of these liners next to Baby's bottom before you apply the cream, and then toss it when you change Baby's diaper. Wash diaper separately if unsafe diaper rash cream is used. The oils can transfer by contact and in the water, and won't wash out if the water isn't hot enough, not enough detergent is used or detergent isn't strong enough.

Honeybuns Liners:

Approximately 10.5x5 inches. Made of 100% super-soft polyester microfleece (just like our diaper inners!). Liners are raw-cut and will not fray with washing. Liners come in packs of 10 assorted colors (you may receive a set of blue, red, white, pink, yellow, etc). Liners fit best on our one size 12-35+lbs diaper, but can be folded to fit the newborn sizes as well.

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