Microfiber Terry

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Available in One Size ONLY.

Professionally serged 3-layer microfiber insert. Approximately 5.5x13.5 inches.

Pre-wash once before use. Do not place directly against Baby's skin.

These Inserts Give Maximum Absorbency For A Great Price

Looking for an inexpensive insert for your newly-purchased cloth diapers?

Microfiber diaper inserts are a great option for parents looking to stock up. Made of man-made materials, they’re super-absorbent, which is why some moms use them in both pocket and overnight diapers.

As a bonus, their fluffy, sponge-like material means they are both light and fast-drying, so you never need to wait long for a clean insert.

Microfiber inserts should not be used next to baby’s skin, since it is so absorbent it will dry your baby’s sensitive skin out and cause a rash. Instead, the insert should be placed inside the pocket of your cloth diaper.

We recommend using 1-3 inserts per diaper, depending on how heavily your baby wets and whether you need extra coverage, such as with nighttime diapers.

The microfiber inserts we use are available in one size only, and need only be washed once before use.
●    Professionally serged for extra durability
●    Super-absorbent material is perfect for nighttime diapers
●    Dries quickly either on clothing line or in dryer so no need to wait to change your baby
●    3-layers for maximum absorbency
●    Inexpensive solution for budget-conscious Moms

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers make diaper-changing time fun for mom and baby.

Our pocket diapers come in three sizes to ensure the best fit for your baby, and our huge selection of prints means it’s easy to find a wide variety of designs to suit any occasion.

The exterior of our diapers is either made from PUL, or from cotton, velvet, or minky outer with a hidden PUL layer. Originally created for hospitals, PUL is exceptionally durable and leak-resistant, which means you’ll save time and money.

The inner fabric is made of polyester microfleece, which lets the moisture pass through while keeping your baby feeling dry and comfy - plus it’s super soft!

Honeybuns’ leg elastic prevent leakage and allow ease of movement. The adjustable snaps and patented design ensure every diaper is a great fit for babies of all sizes, and just as importantly, won’t leak.

We’re so sure you’ll love our diapers that we offer the longest, most comprehensive guarantee you’ll ever see.

There’s no need to dread diaper changing when you’ve got Honeybuns on your honey!