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This *Honeybuns exclusive* PUL outer is black with blue Intactivist symbols, the phrases "Intact don't Retract" and "Break the Cycle" as well as background subtle words "Intactivist" "Genital Integrity" and "Anti-RIC". 
Materials Used in Diaper Shell
Outer Fabric: 100% polyester knit with 1 mil polyurethane lamination (PUL)
Inner Fabric: 100% polyester blue microfleece
Notions: elastic, blue snaps, black thread
The shape of the diaper and amount of snaps provided allows you to achieve the perfect fit every time you cloth diaper, no matter the size stage your baby is in. The pocket is a simple raw cut opening that will not fray, is easy to stuff absorbent inserts into, and the microfleece used wicks moisture away from Baby and into the inserts inside.
**You are purchasing a Honeybuns pocket diaper. To add absorbent inserts to your diaper, please visit the Insert section and select your favorite! We recommend 1-3 inserts per diaper depending on your baby's wetness level.
I designed this print exclusively for my diaper brand. This controversial topic is a human rights issue that I will always stand up and fight to end. I am of the opinion that circumcisions should not be performed routinely. They are painful surgeries that are unnecessary and imposed upon fragile infants. The foreskin is not a birth defect. It was designed by God, stitched together in the womb, and has a purpose. Please leave your baby boys as they were created, wipe their intact penis like you would a dirty finger - never retracting (it will retract on it's own when the boy is old enough and able to wash himself), and just let it be. RIC has many complications, both immediately as well as later down the road when your baby boy has grown into a man. Let him keep his entire penis! It's his. The foreskin is natural. Circumcision is not.

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