Custom Honeybuns Wet Bag

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Custom Honeybuns Wet Bag:


BASIC CUSTOM: You may send in whatever fabric you would like your wet bag to have on the outside. You may only send quilters cotton (no knit), baby wrap scrap, minky, or PUL. Basic custom order Honeybuns will only be made with one continuous piece of fabric sent in. No piecework, ruffles, patches, fancy stitches, etc.

  • Send in your wet bag's outer fabric with a 13x25 inch whole piece of fabric for the ERRAND BAG, or a 17x37 inch piece of fabric for the ALL DAY BAG. If you want a specific placement on the bag, make sure you send enough fabric for me to fit my pattern on top of it. The piece of fabric will essentially be folded in half, so keep that in mind for how your fabric character placement will appear on the front and the back. For example, if you send in a fabric that has all of it's characters upright throughout the print. the front of your bag will have the characters all upright, while the back has them upside down.
  • You may send in a special snap to be placed on your wet bag strap, or you can choose from my assorted in-stock snaps.
  • I will provide the rest of the materials needed to make your diaper out of my own inventory (snaps, strap, zipper, inner PUL layer if you send in cotton/minky etc). You will need to choose between white or black for your zipper and strap, and from the snaps I have in-stock.
  • All extra fabric used from the amount you send me will either be tossed in the trash or can be shipped back to you (at an extra cost, if much heavier than your diaper). Please let me know what you prefer when ordering.

Please understand that your wet bag may not be or stay a one of a kind piece. You may send in fabrics that have been used before, and future customers may send in the fabrics you choose to make into a wet bag.

Email me if you have any questions about specifications for this wet bag before ordering at

Please send your fabric with a copy of your order receipt, and email I can reach you at to converse about color coordination, to:

Honeybuns Cloth Diapers, LLC

PO Box 701161

San Antonio, TX 78270

PIECEWORK CUSTOM: and more, to come later...

**This wet  bag is made to order and ships within 2 weeks of custom fabric arrival to my shop. If customer orders both in-stock and made to order diapers/wet bags in their transaction, all diapers/wet bags will hold until the made to order diapers/wet bags are ready, and then everything will ship together.


Our ERRAND wet bag is approximately 11x12 inches, which holds about 3-4 stuffed one size Honeybuns cloth diapers. It's a great size for a trip to the grocery store, Target, the park, and maybe a snack at your favorite restaurant! It can be used for dirty diapers, wet clothes, cold items that may sweat, and much more!

Our ALL DAY wet bag is approximately 16x17 inches, which holds about 8-10 stuffed one size Honeybuns cloth diapers. It's a great size for an entire day out or prefect for a mama with two in cloth! It can be used for dirty diapers, wet clothes, cold items that may sweat, and much more!

Machine washable and dryable. Can also be hung to dry and line-dried inside out.

Store Dirty Diapers Without The Odor And Mess

Looking for an easy, mess-free way to store dirty diapers? 

There’s no need to spend time washing out a diaper pail... Wet bags are reusable, waterproof, and leak resistant, and are perfect both in the house and on-the-go.

The zippered compartment helps keeps odors in, so that even when you’re out and about, you have a place to store that limited edition diaper that won’t accidentally be mistaken for garbage (we’ve seen it happen) and thrown away.

At home, the larger size wet bag is a great way to store dirty diapers until you’re ready to wash them. You won’t need to worry about stinky diaper smells taking over your house, either.

●    Durable zipper keeps smells in until you’re ready to wash the diaper
●    Waterproof material means your diaper bag stays dry and clean
●    Two sizes: the larger size can hold a full load of dirty diapers, while the smaller size is perfect for when you’re out with your baby


Honeybuns Cloth Diapers make diaper-changing time fun for mom and baby.

Our pocket diapers come in three sizes to ensure the best fit for your baby, and our huge selection of prints means it’s easy to find a wide variety of designs to suit any occasion.

The exterior of our diapers is either made from PUL, or from cotton, velvet, or minky outer with a hidden PUL layer. Originally created for hospitals, PUL is exceptionally durable and leak-resistant, which means you’ll save time and money.

The inner fabric is made of polyester microfleece, which lets the moisture pass through while keeping your baby feeling dry and comfy - plus it’s super soft!

Honeybuns’ leg elastic prevent leakage and allow ease of movement. The adjustable snaps and patented design ensure every diaper is a great fit for babies of all sizes, and just as importantly, won’t leak.

We’re so sure you’ll love our diapers that we offer the longest, most comprehensive guarantee you’ll ever see.

There’s no need to dread diaper changing when you’ve got Honeybuns on your honey!