Washing Your Honeybuns


Pre-wash all cloth diapers once prior to first use. Pre-wash inserts:
  • Microfiber inserts: Wash once with hot water before use.
  • Hemp/organic cotton inserts: Wash 3+ times with hot water separately from your other diapers, to wash out the natural oils. After that, you can wash all of your diapers/inserts together (TIP: I usually just throw them in with my regular laundry a few times to prep).



First, shake/spray off any excess mess into the toilet as soon as it’s dirtied. Using our washable/disposable cloth liners helps with this process! Store dirty diapers and inserts in a diaper pail, wetbag, etc. until you are ready to wash a load of diapers/inserts/liners. Begin with a rinse. Then wash on HOT or WARM with your preferred diaper/baby detergent. Rinse again. Dry. You can dry in the dryer on medium or low heat. I usually do this, and then remove the diaper shells, and run the inserts again with a hotter setting if need be.

After drying let cool (helps maintain the integrity of the elastic), replace inserts (recommended 1-3+ inserts in each diaper) and store for next use!

  • Do not iron.
  • Do not bleach cotton outer diapers.
  • No fabric softeners/dryer sheets.



**Use cloth wipes instead of disposable wipes. All you need are some wash cloths and a simple mixture of 1 cup water, 1 Tbsp coconut, olive, or mineral/baby oil, and 1 Tbsp liquid baby soap. I also add a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil. I keep it in a small spray bottle, spray on my baby’s bottom, and wipe clean!

**Line dry in the sunshine (the sun helps to remove stains from the diaper liners)

**Hang/line dry cotton-printed outer diapers. After repeated machine drying, cotton prints will fade and fraying around the edges. Cotton printed outer diapers will get wet on the outside of the diaper, as wetness naturally travels to any area that will absorb it. Try adding one hemp insert between the diaper inner and Baby’s bottom to reduce wetness.


Read more about cotton printed outer diapers here.