About Us

Hi! My name is Nicole, I am the creator of Honeybuns Cloth Diapers. Every diaper you find in this little shop was made by my family and me in Texas! Currently, my husband and I both help to make Honeybuns in the shop room located in the third bedroom of our home. While we work we are also caring for our 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son, 3 year old son, and 1 year old daughter!

Joshua and I went to school together years 1-12, graduated High School in 2000, but didn't meet up and fall in love until 2006! When we got married and became pregnant in 2009, I became a stay at home mom while my husband continued working. He encouraged me to use my crafty talents to open a shop on the popular handmade and vintage site Etsy. Before that I did my fair share of waitressing and wandering while drawing and scrapbooking in my spare time.

When I opened my Etsy shop I sold my original paintings, made baby leg warmers, silk flower hair accessories, and even tried my hand at dress-making. Business was slow, but I had fun doing it while I stayed home caring for our daughter whom I used plain-colored one size pocket diapers with aplix from a big brand on. I longed for something cuter, that didn't leak, didn't scratch her belly from curling aplix, etc

In 2011, my brother's wife Erin urged me to make some diapers myself since she knew I was passionate about cloth diapering. So I did! I bought some diaper flannel, a few cute PUL print diaper cuts, and some basic notions to get me started. I found that I really enjoyed making cute cloth diapers! Within 6 months I opened a shop on Etsy focused solely on my cloth diapers and let the old shop of hobbies fall by the wayside.

Interest in my diapers quickly increased my traffic. After our second child was born in 2012, I researched opening up my own website for more creativity in presentation, and more options and information available to my customers.

I launched my website in February 2013. My cloth diaper business began to prosper enough in 2013 for my husband to quit his job and go to school for an A&P license. He began helping me more at Honeybuns when he wasn't in school, pressing snaps and coming up with innovative ways to improve the business in every corner, from simple organization around the shop to website ideas like bulk discounts and a rewards program. My mother in law and sister in law both helped a lot to make Honeybuns with us.

When my husband graduated from school certified and on the President's List (love him!), he stayed home to help the Honeybuns business prosper even more, instead of finding work with his new degree, because he would rather work for himself. We are always bouncing ideas off of each other's heads about new things to try to make Honeybuns better.

You can sign up to receive emails for giveaways, coupons, and more. You might also enjoy the parenting community formed of people who like Honeybuns and ran by friends of mine, the Honeybuns Tribe on Facebook.

I've now sewn way over 10,000 (I lost track after my 3rd child was born HAHA) cloth diapers for families all over the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Iceland.

I am quite grateful to be able to stay home with my kids and provide for my family by creating a product I am personally passionate about. I hope you find something you like for your sweet baby's honey buns ;) ! Thanks for stopping by.

~Nicole Small  (Mrs. Honeybuns)

Rebekah, Molly, Joshua, and Nicole (2017)